Customer Reviews from our Facebook page:

  • I am in love with this popcorn. Can’t wait to come back for more. Kettle and the midnight Rollo are my favorite.
  • Absolutely love this place! The popcorn is delicious and the service is super friendly. Love taking little family trips there. We will forever be repeat customers.
  • Popcorn is amazing. The staff is so patient, even when my little ones are too excited to wait their turn.
  • The best popcorn ever! I love using them in my gift basket
  • My sister gave us a jar of the midnight rollo popcorn for Christmas and it is amazing
  • Service and quality are both top notch! I send tins out for the holidays as gifts. The popcorn stays good as long as you can make it last:) Fresh to the last bite.
  • Our order shipped Monday & arrived in San Diego, California Wednesday! Thanks for the awesome service!
  • Awesome! Not only great popcorn flavors, but the staff and the friendly inviting atmosphere is second to none!
  • The best EVER!
  • Ordered popcorn for our daughters graduation party! We had Hudson Blend, World Harvest, White Chocolate Raspberry and Loaded Baked Potato…we had soooo many compliments and since it was so good people thought we had made it ourselves! It was wonderful! Thank you so much for making her day even more special!
  • While my unit was in Afghanistan, CBT shipped us popcorn and it was a great boost to moral. Great flavors with quite a unique variety. Beer is my favorite. I’ve gone out of my way during several hundred mile road trips to purchase a few bags. The service is top notch. Support the local shops and enjoy a bag, you will not regret it.
  • Service and popcorn was excellent. First time in, definetly not my last.
  • They have gone above and beyond to make sure we get what we came in for. Their buffalo ranch is


"I never liked candied popcorn until I started trying Amaize's popcorn, and I love that they're always trying new things!"
"Amazing flavors and try before you buy!!!"
"The best! Absolutely amazing!"


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